Tell Gov. Christie to Sign this Civil Rights Bill — S677/A3677!

[UPDATE, 7/24/17: Thank you to everyone who contacted the governor! Gov. Christie approved this bill with slight changes (a process known as a conditional veto). The revised bill is approved by ACLU-NJ and the Drug Policy Alliance. Now the bill… Read More

Make the Pride March Count — Give Visas to Chechnyan LGBTQ Refugees

As thousands of people get ready to walk in Pride Marches in the coming weeks, news reports indicate that the State Department is refusing to grant visas to LGBTQ people fleeing torture and detainment in Chechnya and Russia…. Read More

Save the Puppies (& the Planet)! Call your state senator before 2pm Thursday!

[UPDATE, 7/19/17: A4701, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) Bill, passed in the state Senate, but was vetoed by Gov. Christie on 7/13/17. What can you do now? Three things: Contact one of A4701’s primary sponsors, especially if… Read More

Make Two Calls for the LGBTQ Community in Chechnya

The world has been horrified by recent reports of gay men in Chechnya being rounded up, tortured and killed. Recent reports say Chechnya is trying to eliminate its gay population by the start of Ramadan (May 26th). New… Read More

Stop Sexual Assaults on Trenton School Buses — Give bill A4332 a hearing!

Momentum is building since our last call-to-action on this topic. Assemblywoman Liz Muoio has made a formal request for the bill to get a hearing in the Education Committee. Contact committee Chair Marlene Caride to say you want this… Read More

Make the Tax March Count — Tell Gov. Christie to Sign That Bill!!

UPDATE, 5/2/2017: Gov. Christie vetoed this bill on May 1st. Call your state legislators and tell them to support a veto override on S3048/A4520!  Find your legislators’ and their contact info here. Gov. Christie, SIGN S3048/A4520 INTO LAW!… Read More

URGENT: Easy Email Action for NJ’s Waterways by midnight tonight (April 3rd)!

Update, April 10, 2017: The deadline has now passed to submit public comments to the DEP. Stay tuned for more info on what actions the DEP takes regarding green infrastructure practices. In the meantime, consider calling your state… Read More

Protect Our NJ Transgender Students: 5 Step Call to Action

This is a 5 Step Call to Action!  Write your Superintendent. Contact your school board. Write Acting Commission of Education, Kimberley Harrington. Contact your Assembly person. Trump’s education and justice departments reversed the Obama administration’s position that schools… Read More