Take Action Against the #FakeNationalEmergency

Concerned about the president’s #FakeNationalEmergency and wondering what to do? Here are your next steps. President Trump declared a national emergency on Friday in an attempt to get the border wall that Congress refused to fund (because its… Read More

One quick action to stop dark money in NJ politics — Call before Thursday afternoon!

Help end the influence of secret money in state politics. Contact your state senator and tell them to VOTE YES on S1500 this Thursday, January 31st! The bill will require special-interest groups to disclose who their donors are. … Read More

Gov. Murphy: Sign the Independent Prosecutor bill NOW!

Contact Gov. Murphy and tell him to sign the Independent Prosecutor bill (S1036/A3115) now! Let him know you expect him to keep his campaign promises. Call him at 609-292-6000 or send him an email through this website.  New… Read More

Campaign Finance Reform Bill Needs Your Support Now!

Help end the influence of secret money in state politics. Contact the Assembly State & Local Government Committee and urge them to support A1524, the “Disclosure & Transparency Bill” at their next hearing! Contact info below.  We have… Read More

Take a Stand for Fair Redistricting over Thanksgiving Break!

Partisan gerrymandering has no place in the NJ Constitution! Contact state Senate Budget & Appropriations Committee chair Paul Sarlo and other members and say NO to SCR 43!  Voters all around the country want a fair, non-partisan redistricting… Read More

We Can Restore Voting Rights in NJ Too!

Last Tuesday, voters in Florida overwhelmingly passed Amendment 4 and restored voting rights to 1.4 million people. NJ can be the next state to restore voting rights to people with criminal convictions!  Contact your 3 state legislators and… Read More

Take Action to Keep Families Together!

Almost 1,800 families have been separated by border officials. Contact the Senate Judiciary Committee to voice your support for the Keep Families Together Act, which would end routine family separation at the border. Our hearts are heavy for… Read More

You Can Help Protect the Mueller Investigation in Just 4 Minutes!

This Thursday, April 26th, the Senate Judiciary Committee will consider the Special Counsel Independence & Integrity Act. Contact committee chair Sen. Chuck Grassley and NJ’s own Sen. Cory Booker before Thursday @ 10am to voice your support for… Read More

NJ’s Voting Machines at Risk – Contact NJ Sec of State Today!

Our state uses voting machines that leave no paper trail and are at risk of being hacked in the upcoming mid-term elections. Contact NJ’s Secretary of State Tahesha Way and tell her we need new machines with a paper trail, optical scanners, and post-election audits… Read More

Common Sense Gun Reform at State Senate Hearing — Contact committee chair before Monday morning

UPDATE, 4/17/2018: Thank you to everyone who called and emailed — these 6 bills have all been successfully moved forward out of the Law & Public Safety Committee! Stay tuned for next steps. In the meantime, be sure… Read More