This a great way to help our neighbors: direct relief.

These organizations are providing emergency cash assistance to immigrant families excluded from federal and state assistance. Your donations go straight to those in need. Thanks to New Jersey Citizen Action for compiling this list


WE NEED TO Cover All Kids Problem: Being uninsured limits access to health care 80K children in NJ are still uninsured – 2/3 are eligible for federal matching funds We cannot reopen schools until we can be assured… Read More

Stop Debt Collectors from Grabbing Stimulus Checks

The CARES Act stimulus checks are meant to be a lifeline for people struggling to meet their basic needs. We have historic long lines at food banks, hundreds of thousands of people are waiting for their unemployment checks,… Read More

NJ Legislature Needs to Fill the Gaps in Worker Support during COVID-19 Pandemic

Please take action NOW to email your legislators and legislative leadership to expand and strengthen worker support in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Find your legislator here: We thank the NJ Legislature for the swift action already… Read More

Second wave – call for VBM in NJ

From Represent Us: Today, we launch our second wave.  First, we focused on Gov. Murphy.  Getting him to act is still our main goal but now we shift attention to the 80 members of the General Assembly.  We… Read More

Write to Governor Murphy to support NJ legislative bills calling for Vote By Mail

Thanks to David Goodman of RepresentUS NJ and Assemblyperson Andrew Zwicker, District 16: Ask  the Governor to call a special “democracy first” session of the Legislature to pass and bring to his desk 3 bills: A-3591 – statewide standards… Read More

2020- NJ State Budget Hearings

Join us to have your voice heard at this year’s state budget hearings!! 1st hearing TUES MARCH 10th!!   Please join the For The Many coalition at this month’s public hearings to call for a state budget that invests in… Read More

Energy Master Plan- call Gov Murphy

During the Governor Murphy’s State of the State Address on January 13th, he spoke about the state’s soon to be released final Energy Master Plan (EMP). “In two weeks, I will unveil New Jersey’s new Energy Master Plan,… Read More

Ensure Online Voter Registration passes Assembly!

Take action to urge your Assembly members to vote YES on A422, Online Voter Registration. Our state’s outdated voter registration processes are creating unnecessary obstacles to full participation. OVR is accurate, secure, and cost-effective. Online voter registration improves the… Read More

End Prison Gerrymandering

“Prison gerrymandering” is the practice of counting incarcerated individuals as members of the communities where their correctional facilities are located when it’s time to redraw legislative district lines. This practice inflates the political power of districts where prisons… Read More