2020- NJ State Budget Hearings

Join us to have your voice heard at this year’s state budget hearings!! 1st hearing TUES MARCH 10th!!   Please join the For The Many coalition at this month’s public hearings to call for a state budget that invests in… Read More

Energy Master Plan- call Gov Murphy

During the Governor Murphy’s State of the State Address on January 13th, he spoke about the state’s soon to be released final Energy Master Plan (EMP). “In two weeks, I will unveil New Jersey’s new Energy Master Plan,… Read More

Ensure Online Voter Registration passes Assembly!

Take action to urge your Assembly members to vote YES on A422, Online Voter Registration. Our state’s outdated voter registration processes are creating unnecessary obstacles to full participation. OVR is accurate, secure, and cost-effective. Online voter registration improves the… Read More

End Prison Gerrymandering

“Prison gerrymandering” is the practice of counting incarcerated individuals as members of the communities where their correctional facilities are located when it’s time to redraw legislative district lines. This practice inflates the political power of districts where prisons… Read More

ACA Protection Bills

The latest court ruling on the Affordable Care Act puts the country on a dangerous pathway to once again possibly repeal the ACA. It is imperative that NJ lawmakers protect the healthcare of NJ residents and vote yes… Read More

Driver’s Licenses for ALL

A few weeks ago, hundreds of community members, advocates, faith leaders and allies rallied outside the Statehouse in Trenton to call on our elected officials to expand access to driver’s licenses for all New Jerseyans regardless of income,… Read More

Come to the State House on Thursday Dec 12 to call for Voting Rights Restoration

Institute News! Dear Institute friend, One step closer! That’s what we’re about to become on our way to a more inclusive democracy in New Jersey. The NJ State Assembly has already passed a bill to restore voting rights… Read More

Protect NJ Health Insurance

Join our Protect NJ Health Insurance Tele-Town Hall Tuesday 7pm Join us to learn how 3.4 million New Jerseyans’ health insurance plans could be severely impacted by pending state legislation. It would transform Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield,… Read More

Voting Rights Restoration

Contact Senate Judiciary Committee Members to voice your support for S4260 – No date yet for Senate Judiciary Committee Mtg. Everyone should contact Chair Scutari (908) 587-0404 and ask him to schedule a Senate Judiciary Meeting! There’s also an online… Read More

Driver’s License for All

Contact Assembly Judiciary Committee and Senate Transportation Committee Members to voice your support for Drivers Licenses for All and ask them to vote the bills A4743/S3229 out of Committee. There also an easy online action that connects you to… Read More