Save the Puppies (& the Planet)! Call your state senator before 2pm Thursday!

[UPDATE, 7/19/17: A4701, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) Bill, passed in the state Senate, but was vetoed by Gov. Christie on 7/13/17. What can you do now? Three things:

  1. Contact one of A4701’s primary sponsors, especially if you are their constituent, and urge them to reintroduce this bill next year, when we have a new governor. Primary sponsors are: Tim Eustace (D-38), Andrew Zwicker (D-16), Valerie Vainieri Huttle (D-37), Reed Gusciora (D-15), James Kennedy (D-22), Daniel Benson (D-14), Mila Jasey (D-27), Steve Sweeney (D-3) , and Bob Smith (D-17). 
  2. Contact the candidates running for seats in your legislative district and ask them to come out in support of rejoining the RGGI (if they haven’t already!).
  3. Pay attention next year to hold our new governor accountable. Gubernatorial candidates Phil Murphy and Kim Guadagno have both said they want New Jersey to rejoin the RGGI. No matter who wins in November, we need to make sure they follow through on their promise. 

The attempt to vote on an override of Gov. Christie’s veto of the puppy mill bill (S3041), was unsuccessful. Sen. Lesniak withdrew the bill from consideration, and hopes to reintroduce it before this legislative session ends in January 2018. Contact Sen. Lesniak to voice your support, and contact your state legislators and urge them again to support a veto override to protect innocent puppies and kittens!]




Stand up for puppies and planet Earth — call your state senator and ask them to vote tomorrow in support of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative and pet protections against “puppy mill” breeders!

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On Thursday, May 25th, New Jersey’s State Senate will vote on two bills:

  1. Bill A4701, which will re-enter New Jersey into the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, a program that seeks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states. Many of our neighboring states are already members.  Now that the future looks uncertain for federal action on reducing greenhouse gases, it is vital that we take action at the state level to encourage clean power in New Jersey! A4701 has already passed in the Assembly — tell your state senator to vote yes and move A4701 closer to being law!
  2. A veto override of Bill S3041, which strengthens the state’s existing ban on puppy mills.  Supported by the the Humane Society of the United States–NJ, bill S3014 adds reporting requirements for pet dealers and breeders, and increases penalties for dealers who sell animals that come from puppy mills. Gov. Christie conditionally vetoed the bill earlier this month; now S3041 returns to the floor of the state senate. Tell your state senator to vote yes and override Christie’s veto!

Your talking points:

  • “I want our state to be a leader in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. I want you to vote yes on A4701 and get New Jersey back in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.”
  • “I want to protect animals from the crowded, dangerous and inhumane conditions at puppy mills. We need a strong law against puppy mill breeders. I want you to override Gov. Christie’s conditional veto of S3041.”