Save the Pell Grant! Educational Panel

The Pell Grant is the backbone of federal financial aid for students, and it’s facing funding threats from the appropriations process in Congress right now. Come learn about this vital program, the threats it’s facing, and what YOU… Read More

Supporting Immigrant Students and Their Families

How do the latest changes in federal immigration policy impact students and schools? As educators and community members, how can we support students and their families who fear deportation? What policies can school districts implement to support immigrant… Read More

School Integration & Funding Equity: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Building One New Jersey 2017 Policy Forum Public schools, public education, and public educators have been under sustained attack. New Jersey’s racial segregation and its deep fiscal disparities have made it possible. Building One New Jersey will host… Read More

Taking Back Our Power

“No one can wield power except as others yield power. The power that anyone holds over us originates with us – and can ultimately be reclaimed or redirected by us.”      – Eric Liu, You’re More Powerful Than… Read More

Education Status Round-Up, March 1, 2017

  Welcome to STAND’s education blog! With so many policy proposals and changes coming down at both the federal and state levels, parents, educators and advocates have been left with their heads spinning. Our aim is to provide regular… Read More