State Senate Votes Tomorrow at 2 pm — Tell Your Senator to Vote YES for Pay Equity and Transgender Rights!

[UPDATE, 7/23/17: The transgender health care discrimination bill (A4568/S3017) passed in both houses and has now been signed into law!

Unfortunately, though the salary history bill passed in both houses, it has now been vetoed by Gov. ChristieWhat can we do now? 

  1. Contact the primary sponsors of A3480 and urge them to reintroduce the bill in 2018, if they are re-elected this November. If you are their constituent, your phone call or email means a lot! (Not sure who your state legislators are? Find out here.)
  2. Contact all the candidates running for state office in your legislative district. Ask them to commit to supporting a salary history bill (if they haven’t already!).
  3. Contact New Jersey’s gubernatorial candidates, and hold them accountable for their support if they win next year. Democratic candidate Phil Murphy supported the salary history bill. Republican candidate Kim Guadagno seems to have not taken a position yet. Contact her here. ]



Do you care about pay equity? Do you want to protect the rights of transgender patients? Then call or email your state senator BEFORE 2 PM THURSDAY, 6/22! Tell your senator: VOTE YES ON S2536/A3480 & A4568/S3017!

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Your talking points:

  • Bill S2536/A3480 will help close gender and minority pay gaps in our state. Vote YES!
  • Share a personal story about how pay equity would help you and your family.
  • Bill A4568/S3017 will protect transgender patients from discrimination by health insurance companies. Vote YES!
  • Share a personal story if you or your family have experienced discrimination in health coverage because of gender identity.

When employers ask about an applicant’s previous salary history, unfair wages can follow a woman or person of color for their entire career, resulting in a lifetime of unfairly low wages compared to their male or non-minority co-workers. Bill S2536/A3480 seeks to improve pay equity in New Jersey by prohibiting employers from asking about previous wages. The bill passed in the state Assembly on May 22nd. Let’s pass it in the Senate tomorrow!

Transgender people often have a hard time getting the medical care they need (even basic care like bloodwork or annual exams) because of insurance companies denying coverage based on gender identity. This is especially unfair given that transgender people are at a much higher risk of experiencing physical violence and suicidal behavior. In 2016, the Department of Health and Human Services adopted regulations that prohibited discrimination against transgender patients by insurers and healthcare providers. However, the Trump administration has signaled that it plans to reverse course and undo these life-saving regulations. States can take action to protect transgender healthcare rights by enacting state law that prohibits discrimination. Bill A4568/S3017 will do just that, by preventing insurers from denying coverage based on gender identity. The bill has already passed in the Assembly. Let’s pass it in the Senate tomorrow!

Tell your state senator: vote YES ON S2536/A3480 & A4568/S3017! Call today (before 2pm on June 22nd)!

TIP: Don’t like making phone calls? No problem! Send your state senator an email instead. Find your state senator’s page here. Click on “Contact your Legislator(s)” to send an email. Easy!