Your Phone Calls Are Needed THIS WEEK to Protect Healthcare for Millions of Americans!

UPDATE, 7/24/17: Our fight isn’t over yet! This Tuesday, the Senate is likely to vote on whether to start debating the ACA repeal. This would eventually lead to a floor vote.  IT’S ESSENTIAL THAT WE MAKE CALLS NOW TO SAVE HEALTHCARE FOR TENS OF MILLIONS OF AMERICANS! Here’s what you can do:

  1. Call any or all of these 6 US Senators today and Tuesday!
    • Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska): 202-224-6665
    • Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Arizona): 202-224-4521
    • Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine): 202-224-2523
    • Sen. Dean Heller (R-Nevada): 202-224-6244
    • Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (R-West Virginia): 202-224-6472
    • Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio): 202-224-3353

            Your talking points:

  • “The Senator might be voting soon on a bill that will affect the entire country. I want to let her/him know how it will affect my family/my state. I live in _____.”
  • Share your personal story or the story of someone close to you.
  • Urge the senator to vote no on any bill that would take away people’s health insurance or Medicaid.

2. Reach out to your friends in Alaska, Arizona, Maine, Nevada, Ohio and West Virginia and urge them to contact their senators every day until this bill is dead! Share information with them about how the Republicans’ healthcare plan will affect their state (see LEARN MORE below).

3. Sign up for healthcare-related text alerts from Text “care” to 668366.

4. Get yourself to a rally! Several events are coming up.

  • New Jersey Citizen Action is coordinating a Save HealthCare Bus Trip to DC, this Wednesday, 7/26, 6am-10pm. More details here.
  • Attend an “Our Lives Are On the Line” National Day of Action event. On July 29th, dozens of organizations are coming together for rallies and other actions across the country to highlight how the Republicans’ healthcare plan threatens tens of millions of Americans. Partner organizations include, Indivisible, Emily’s List, Mom’s Rising, Our Revolution, Working Families, Human Rights Campaign, and many others.  As of this writing, nearby events are scheduled for Union Square in NYC and in front of Sen. Toomey’s office in Philadelphia. 



The Senate vote on the AHCA will come down to ten states, according to the folks at Indivisible. And the six senators most likely to be convinced to vote no are the ones listed above.  Call one (or all!) of them tomorrow (or every day this week!). And reach out to family and friends in Alaska, Arizona, Maine, Nevada, Ohio and West Virginia to share information (see LEARN MORE below) and urge them to call their senators!

Nervous about calling a senator from another state? Here are some tips:

  • Call the DC office first. If you can’t get thru to DC, call a local office in the senator’s state.
  • If a staffer asks you, “What is your address?”, say this: “The senator is going to vote on a health care bill that will affect the entire nation. I’m calling to let him know how it will affect my family/my state.”
  • If you have a connection to the state, mention it. For example, “I grew up in Maine, and my family still lives there” or “I travel to Arizona a lot for business” or “I go every year to Las Vegas with my family.”
  • Be brief.
  • Still nervous? No problem–call after hours and leave a voicemail.