How Can We Stop Sexual Assault on Trenton Schoolbuses? By Getting A4332 Through the Appropriations Committee!

[UPDATE, 7/24/17: This bill is still stuck in committee. Stay tuned for next steps.]
Bill A4332/S2757 will ensure that our children are protected by 1 schoolbus aide for every 15 students. Help get this bill out of the Assembly Appropriations Committee and onto the Assembly floor for a vote! Tell the committee chair, John Burzichelli (D-3) to give this bill a hearing at the next committee meeting on Monday, June 19th! Contact him at 856-251-9801 or!
Your talking points:
  • You want New Jersey’s kids to be safe on school buses.
  • Bill A4332/S2757 has been stuck in committee too long — since the bill was introduced after the first assault in 2016, at least 2 more children have been assaulted on Trenton schoolbuses!
  • It’s time to turn this bill into law. Schedule this bill for a hearing at the next committee meeting on Monday, June 19th!
What happens when there aren’t enough aides on a crowded school bus? Vulnerable kids get hurt. Since July 2016, at least three children have been assaulted on Trenton schoolbuses after the district began transporting special needs kids on large schoolbuses without adequate supervision.
Bill A4332/S2757 will change that by ensuring 1 aide for every 15 children on buses. With support from the Special Parents Advocacy Group, the bill has passed in the state Senate. Now we need to get it thru the Assembly Appropriations Committee, so that the entire Assembly can vote on A4332. Yet, on the schedule for the upcoming Appropriations Commmittee meeting, the bill is nowhere to be found!
Special needs kids need your help — contact committee chair John Burzichelli and ask him to get this bill heard in committee and onto the legislature floor for a vote as soon as possible, before another child is assaulted on a school bus.
If you are a constituent of the other members of the committee, contact them too! (Not sure who your assembly members are? Find out here.)