Drivers Licenses for All – Lame Duck session action needed

Contact Assembly Judiciary Committee and Senate Transportation Committee Members to voice your support for Drivers Licenses for All and ask them to vote the bills A4743/S3229 out of Committee.

Assembly Judiciary Committee

Quijano, Annette – Chair
Murphy, Carol A. – Vice-Chair
Carroll, Michael Patrick 
Johnson, Gordon M. 
Peterson, Erik 
Spearman, William W. 

Senate Transportation Committee

Diegnan, Patrick J. – Chair
Vitale, Joseph F. – Vice-Chair
Addiego, Dawn Marie 
Gill, Nia H. 
Holzapfel, James W. 
Sacco, Nicholas J. 
Singer, Robert W. 


A4743: will be heard on Dec 9th in Assembly Judiciary Committee

S3229: will be heard on Dec 12th Senate in Transportation Committee

Dec 16th: Voted on by both Assembly & Senate floor

We need to pressure Senate most of all since it’s unclear if we currently have the votes. We especially need to pressure Greenstein, Gill, Singleton and Lagana.