Don’t silence the people


Don’t silence the people! 


Yesterday, Sue Altman of New Jersey Working Families was forcibly removed from a State Senate public hearing for speaking out about the corruption in New Jersey’s corporate tax subsidy programs.

Like so many other advocates and activists, Sue was trying to voice the concerns of ordinary New Jerseyans, who have not been allowed to testify or speak at these hearings. Our State Legislature has only permitted a select few to speak on these corrupted and mismanaged programs subsidized by taxpayer dollars.

State Senator Bob Smith, who led the hearing, did nothing to stop this injustice. And the panel he led threw softball questions at political boss George Norcross, alleged to be involved in the corruption of these corporate subsidies Sue spoke out against. Once again, the voice of people has been silenced on this issue.

This is not democracy and can’t be allowed to stand! Call Senator Smith at  (732) 752-0770 and tell him to

  • Issue a statement apologizing for the silencing of Sue Altman and other voices at these hearings.
  • Let the general public testify at these public hearings. Corporate tax subsidies affect us all and all voices should be heard, not just corporate interests. Don’t silence New Jersey taxpayers!