Voting Rights restoration – Lame Duck session action needed

A5823 (partial restoration: restores voting rights to felons on parole or probation, but not to those currently serving a sentence) passed the Assembly floor! 46 yes, 23 no, 1 abstention

Contact Senate Judiciary Committee Members to voice your support for Voting Rights Restoration S4260

Next step: Senate version S4260 (has to be voted out of the Senate Judiciary Committee and then go onto the floor for a full vote.

List of Senate Judiciary Committee Members

Scutari, Nicholas P. – Chair
Pou, Nellie – Vice-Chair
Bateman, Christopher 
Cardinale, Gerald 
Corrado, Kristin M. 
Doherty, Michael J. 
Lagana, Joseph A. 
Sarlo, Paul A. 
Singleton, Troy 
Smith, Bob 
Weinberg, Loretta