Energy Master Plan- call Gov Murphy

During the Governor Murphy’s State of the State Address on January 13th, he spoke about the state’s soon to be released final Energy Master Plan (EMP). “In two weeks, I will unveil New Jersey’s new Energy Master Plan, our comprehensive roadmap for arriving at our goal of a 100-percent clean energy economy by 2050.”

Unless the world cuts greenhouse gas emissions by 45% by 2030, as proposed by the IPCC*, it will matter very little what goals are set for 2050 as it will be too late to save the world from the worst effects of climate change. We now have 10 years and cannot afford to waste any precious time in responding to this global crisis. Call Governor Murphy now at 866-856-4069! Demand that his final Energy Master Plan include a moratorium on all new fossil fuel projects and commits to meet IPCC’s interim scientific benchmark of 45% by 2030.

We look forward to working with you this year, to address the gravest environmental crisis humanity has ever faced, to protect all present and future generations around the world, while focusing on the rights of those communities and workers most impacted. Let’s start with a call to the Governor’s office and then sharing on Facebook and Twitter!Sincerely, Eric Benson on behalf of EmpowerNJ coordinating committee


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