Urgent Action: Tell Congress to Lower Rx Drug Prices Now!

This is a historic moment. The U.S. is on the precipice of lowering our skyrocketing prescription drug prices. But we need YOU to contact Congress TODAY to show your support and encourage our NJ Representatives to stay strong and stand up to pharmaceutical interests.
Americans are suffering while the pharmaceutical companies relish in their runaway profit margins. Currently, 1 in 5 adult US residents hold off on filling a prescription, cut pills in half, or skip a dose due to affordability. Meanwhile the average annual cost of prescription drugs for patients in NJ rose by nearly 58 percent between 2012 and 2017. A recent report by House Democrats shows that high drug prices financed stock buybacks, not research and development. Pharmaceutical companies though are fighting hard to stop this effort to rein in their never-ending price gouging! They are inundating the airwaves and newspapers with false and misleading scaremongering ads and mailers to intimidate our Members of Congress to vote against their own constituents!
We need you to counteract Pharma’s deep pockets! Contact Congress today and tell them to support a key policy provision that is in jeopardy. Ask your Reps to support allowing Medicare to negotiate Rx drug prices in the budget reconciliation package. We can’t afford not to include this critical provision in the package. We need affordable Rx drugs prices for everyone. This is an efficient and effective policy that would save taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars, and ensure Americans are no longer paying more for our Rx drugs than any other nation in the world.
In NJ, 90% of residents support allowing Medicare drug price negotiations. NJ Congressional Representatives and Senators must vote with the will of the people!
We applaud and stand with New Jersey’s own Congressman Frank Pallone and Bill Pascrell who have been stalwarts in the fight for this policy and the health of millions of New Jerseyans. With their support, the prescription drug provisions passed the House Ways and Means Committee despite these lifesaving provisions being voted down in the House Energy and Commerce Committee yesterday due to the votes by three Democrats who are well funded by pharmaceutical interests. Fortunately, the prescription drug provisions did pass in the Ways and Means Committee and ensures it will be incorporated into the reconciliation package that moves to the floor!
Now we must ensure our entire NJ delegation supports this critical policy provision to #LowerDrugPricesNow!
Contact your Congressional Rep and Senators TODAY to let them know we need them to advocate for NJ patients, not Big Pharma.
Tell Congress: Lower Drug Prices Now: https://p2a.co/lh5fGUa
Maura Collinsgru, Health Care Program Director

New Jersey Citizen Action