Don’t let Rep. Josh Gottheimer hijack the Biden agenda

Representative Josh Gottheimer is threatening to withhold support for Biden’s recovery agenda. In a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi signed by 9 House Democrats, Gottheimer stated that he would refuse to vote on a budget resolution until the bipartisan infrastructure package is passed and signed into law.
The American people need lower prescription drug costs, affordable housing, paid family leave, and a pathway to citizenship. To pit funding for roads and bridges against providing working parents with access to childcare is disgraceful. We need both of these things and we cannot afford one without the other. We cannot afford to give the bipartisan infrastructure package its votes before we are 100% sure that we have ALL Democratic Senators and House Members on board with the bolder and more transformative Budget Reconciliation package.
Will you call and email Representative Gottheimer and let him know not to stand in the way of progress?
The House of Representatives is set to vote on a budget resolution that sets the framework for advancing reconciliation early next week. We need all hands on deck!
When you’re done calling and emailing Representative Gottheimer, join us at his Glen Rock office! That’s right- we’ll be outside Representative Gottheimer’s office in Glen Rock from Wednesday, August 18th through Friday, August 20th at 12:00 PM to make our voices heard! More information is available here!
The time is now for lawmakers to work together and deliver, not for political stunts that put progress at risk and demonstrate to average Americans that Democrats are willing to put politics over people.
Tell Gottheimer: Build Back Better NOW!
Together we can ensure that we not only recover from COVID-19 but also reshape the economy in ways that will assure equitable opportunity and mobility for everyone in the coming decades.
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