Open Letter to Members of the Press

Dear Members of the Press:

We can only imagine how difficult the past 18 months have been for you.

All election cycles present reporting challenges, but this one has been far from normal. You have been called names and thrown out of press rooms. The term “mainstream media” has turned into an insult, and truthful, fact-based reporting has been labeled “fake news.”

It has become clear that these extraordinary challenges did not end with the election; in fact, the fight has seemingly just begun. Nevertheless, you are still showing up and taking on new obstacles.
We thank you for that. In fact, we implore you to continue showing up without fear. The only way for the average American to understand the laws and policies being enacted at breakneck speed or to gain insight about elected and appointed officials is for our free press to doggedly ask the important questions and report the facts fully and accurately.

At press conferences, if one reporter is shut down due to disapproval about past reporting, take it upon yourselves to ask that question for him or her until it is answered. We know that among yourselves you are competitors, but you are also journalists with integrity. When you back each other up, the American people will respond in kind by supporting you across the board with subscriptions and ratings.
In interviews, hit your subjects hard and do not back down. We know they are trying to talk in circles for answers, but we also know you can turn circles into lines. We are behind you in that effort and we believe, as you do, that truth matters.

The free press is a hallmark — maybe THE hallmark — of our society. The First Amendment, which allows you to provide information for the American citizenry and people across the world, is a cornerstone of our freedom and the bedrock of our way of life.

So we want you to know we have your backs. We will always support you. We want you to keep asking, keep delving, keep covering, keep writing, keep broadcasting, keep blogging.

Keep searching for answers to every question the American people can ask. We need you now more than ever.

Concerned Americans