You know us: we are STAND Central New Jersey

Since 2017, you know that we have been active in educating, engaging and empowering  residents in central NJ in local, regional, and state-wide politics and you have joined us in advocating for better healthcare laws, social justice issues, environmental protections, and more. We also have been very active in voter mobilization, and you have joined us in connecting with voters in tight congressional and state races. 

STAND intends to continue to be a vital organization as we move forward into 2021 to hold our national, state and local leaders accountable in ensuring fair and just laws in the state of NJ and in the country. We all still need to be vigilant, steadfast, and aware of our goals, even after the inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

We’d like to take this opportunity to re-introduce you to the STAND CNJ leadership team. Karen Haskin, who has been a fantastic president, has decided to step down from the role. Nadine Stern is now serving as president, and Neena Singh and Diane Carlino join her as officers of the non-profit organization. The board is now represented by Mark Davies, Nick DiDomizio, Jamie Evanini, Dave Herrington, Roberta Neiman, Ashlee Prewitt-Crosby, and Neha Saraiya.

Here is where you can find the Leaders’ bios and pictures