February Meeting: Organizing Voters for the 2018 Mid-terms

Last year, hundreds of new central Jersey grassroots activists (such as members of STAND CNJ!) learned how to mobilize people for marches and town halls, and flood congressional offices with constituent feedback. In 2018, we find ourselves with… Read More

Let People Vote meeting– ACLU People Power

Join us as we work together on the ACLU campaign to restore voting rights to NJ individuals who are on probation or parole.

Securing American Elections – Indivisible Princeton Monthly Meeting

How secure are our voting systems? What will it take to restore our faith in the accuracy and reliability of election results after the Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election? Join us for a discussion of this… Read More

The Six Reasons Why You Really Need to Vote Next Tuesday

New Jersey is one week away from electing a new governor and the entire state legislature on November 7th.┬áDon’t even think about sitting this one out! Here’s why. 1. At the state and local level, YOUR VOTES MATTER!… Read More

Educating NJ Voters: Community Dialogue

Attention NJ voters! Do you want to be better prepared for this November election? Then please join us! This event will focus on providing participants with the tools to understand the offices up for election and how to… Read More