Immigration Forum, Lawrence Twp

A call to caring citizens of Lawrence Township:   We, the citizens of Lawrence, care about our neighbors. We all want to live in a safe community, one that is welcoming to all the people that live here…. Read More

Driver’s Licenses For Immigrants

This advocacy group of volunteers will be gathering at the entrance of the Trenton War Memorial, where the newly elected governor, Phil Murphy, will be inaugurated, to remind Governor Elect Phil Murphy of the promise he made multiple times… Read More

Immigration Today Community Dialogue

Presentation & panel discussion on immigration policy and its impact on our communities.

Hands Around Princeton — In Support of a Clean DREAM Act

Members of the Princeton community are invited to Hinds Plaza on Tuesday, November 28th at 12:00 PM, to join hands in support of a Clean Dream Act. This will be a visible action that calls on Congress to… Read More

Statewide Immigration Convening

Join New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice to discuss: the state of immigration in New Jersey Upcoming campaigns Building our power to win Campaigns: driver’s licenses deportation policy education workers’ rights universal representation RSVP to:

DACA Rally at Frank LoBiondo’s Office

Congressman LoBiondo just announced he will be retiring this year but he has been silent on his support of a clean Dream Act that will protect 800,00 DACA recipients from facing deportation. It is imperative we demand he DO… Read More

DACA and Immigrant Youth State Assembly

This Sunday, we’re taking about life after DACA! We’re sharing educational and legal resources available to DREAMers in New Jersey. This will also be a strategy session to WINNING a CLEAN DREAM Act AND state financial aid for… Read More

DACA Rally @ Rep. Smith’s Office

Together with Wind of the Spirit and Make the Road NJ’s immigrant youth committees, we are calling for action this Friday – the day after DACA begins to expire for nearly 800,000 immigrant youth- to support a clean… Read More

Supporting Immigrant Students and Their Families

How do the latest changes in federal immigration policy impact students and schools? As educators and community members, how can we support students and their families who fear deportation? What policies can school districts implement to support immigrant… Read More

Immigration Today: A Community Dialogue

Please join us for an evening of presentations on U.S. immigration policy and its impact on our communities. All are welcome. Speakers & Topics will include: Princeton Professor Doug Massey will speak about “Why Border Enforcement Backfired” (a… Read More