Anti-Racism Workshop by Meta Theater Company

On Thursday, November 9th we will present an interactive workshop on racism with practical ways we can fight against it in everyday life. The Meta Theatre Company cast will be back to moderate a follow-up discussion; after this… Read More

Criminal Justice Reform: Community Dialogue

“Prisons Do Not Disappear Social Problems”…Ready to Talk? – There are 2.2 Million people in today’s prisons and jails. – 1 in 3 Black Men born before 2001 will be imprisoned. – New Jersey has the largest Black/White… Read More

Racial Justice Program by The Meta Theater Company

On Tuesday, October 24, we invite you to an evening of live theater beginning at 6:30 PM at Stangl Stage. The program will be devoted to a performance on racial justice by The Meta Theatre Company (MTC), a… Read More