Keep Fighting for Presidential Transparency — Override Christie’s Veto!

On May 1st, Gov. Christie vetoed the Presidential Tax Returns Bill. Contact the state Senate and Assembly leaders, and your state legislators, and tell them to OVERRIDE THE VETO! In March, amid growing concerns over the president’s potential… Read More

Make Two Calls for the LGBTQ Community in Chechnya

The world has been horrified by recent reports of gay men in Chechnya being rounded up, tortured and killed. Recent reports say Chechnya is trying to eliminate its gay population by the start of Ramadan (May 26th). New… Read More

Make the May Day Action Count! Support the PROTECT Immigration Act

Thousands of people are striking and rallying today for the dignity and protection of America’s immigrants. Add your voice! Call your Senators and House Representative and voice your support for Sen. Cory Booker’s PROTECT Immigration Act! Not sure who… Read More

Make the Climate March Count! Call your Members of Congress

Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to march tomorrow, April 29th, in hundreds of People’s Climate Marches and Rallies around the world! Help amplify their voices by calling on your 3 members of Congress to support the… Read More

Take Action for Healthcare TODAY! Call your Republican House Representative

UPDATE, 5/8/17: The AHCA passed in the House on 5/4/17 and is on to the Senate. Please contact your House Rep and consider the other action ideas in our recent blogpost. UPDATE, 5/2/17: The healthcare vigils mentioned below… Read More

Make the Science March Count — Call your Members of Congress!

Tomorrow, people all over the world will participate in the March for Science. Whether you are able to march tomorrow or not, make the March count by calling your 3 members of Congress. Tell them you support the… Read More

Recess Week Call-to-Action 2.0! Support Chemical Safety and Oppose Bigotry in the Army

It’s still Recess Week for Congress.  Make sure your members of Congress hear from you! Urge your Senators and House Representative to: Oppose HJ Res 59, which eliminates an important safety rule for facilities using hazardous chemicals (for… Read More

Recess Week Call-to-Action — Call your House Rep with 2 important messages!

Your House Representative is back in NJ this week. Call your rep to demand support for the Election Assistance Commission and protection for federal healthcare subsidies! Not sure who your House Representative is? Find out here.   In February,… Read More

Stop Sexual Assaults on Trenton School Buses — Give bill A4332 a hearing!

Momentum is building since our last call-to-action on this topic. Assemblywoman Liz Muoio has made a formal request for the bill to get a hearing in the Education Committee. Contact committee Chair Marlene Caride to say you want this… Read More

Make the Tax March Count — Tell Gov. Christie to Sign That Bill!!

UPDATE, 5/2/2017: Gov. Christie vetoed this bill on May 1st. Call your state legislators and tell them to support a veto override on S3048/A4520!  Find your legislators’ and their contact info here. Gov. Christie, SIGN S3048/A4520 INTO LAW!… Read More