Write to Governor Murphy to support NJ legislative bills calling for Vote By Mail

Thanks to David Goodman of RepresentUS NJ and Assemblyperson Andrew Zwicker, District 16:
Ask  the Governor to call a special “democracy first” session of the Legislature to pass and bring to his desk 3 bills:
  • A-3591 – statewide standards for VBM ballots
  • A-2175 — online voter registration, Sec. of State to create a website
  • A-943 —  requires ballots have pre-paid postage for return.
Our message needs to be simple and direct:  Five states (Utah, Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington) use vote-by-mail exclusively.  We need to join them and not let the “Wisconsin primary fiasco” happen here.
The Governor’s number (609-292-6000) isn’t receiving calls during the pandemic.  We need to email him.  Be sure to include your town and county.  Here’s the address for your message: constituent.relations@nj.gov