We’ve Lost Clean Power At The Federal Level–So Let’s Work For It At The State Level

Update, 5/27/17: This bill has now passed in both the state Assembly and Senate. Thanks to everyone who made phone calls! Now it’s on to the Governor’s desk. Stay tuned….

Call the Assembly Environment and
Solid Waste Committee Chair

(973) 928-6256 Assemb. Tim Eustace (D-38)
(201) 576-9199 Assemb. Tim Eustace (D-38)

Call the Senate Environment and
Energy Committee Chair

(732) 752-0770 Sen. Bob Smith (D-17)

Let’s get New Jersey to join the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative! Contact the Senate Environment & Energy Committee and ask them to support and move forward on bill S3059, and contact the Assembly Environment & Solid Waste Committee and ask them to support and move forward on bill A4701.

Earlier this week, the President signed an Executive order that sets in motion the elimination of the EPA’s Clean Power Plan. The Clean Power Plan would reduce greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.

Though the future looks very uncertain for federal action on reducing greenhouse gases, there are steps we can take at the state level to encourage clean power in New Jersey.

Two identical bills have recently been introduced in the state Senate and Assembly (S3059 & A4701) that would enter New Jersey into the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, a program that seeks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states. Many of our neighboring states are already members. These two bills are still in committees–let’s take action to get them out of committee, onto the floor, and into law!

Call the Committee Chairs and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions in New Jersey!