Want Pay Equity in NJ? Call the Labor Committee today!

[UPDATE, 7/23/17: Unfortunately, though the salary history bill passed in both houses, it has now been vetoed by Gov. ChristieWhat can we do now? 

  1. Contact the primary sponsors of A3480 and urge them to reintroduce the bill in 2018, if they are re-elected this November. If you are their constituent, your phone call or email means a lot! (Not sure who your state legislators are? Find out here.)
  2. Contact all the candidates running for state office in your legislative district. Ask them to commit to supporting a salary history bill (if they haven’t already!).
  3. Contact New Jersey’s gubernatorial candidates, and hold them accountable for their support if they win next year. Democratic candidate Phil Murphy supported the salary history bill. Republican candidate Kim Guadagno seems to have not taken a position yet. Contact her here. ]



Tomorrow morning, New’s Jersey’s Senate Labor Committee considers a bill to fight against gender-based pay discrimination. If you care about pay equity, contact Labor Committee chair Fred Madden Jr. (D-19) to voice your support for bill A3480/S2536!    

Call Sen. Madden at 856-232-6700. Here are your talking points:

  • I support pay equity for women and minorities.
  • I want New Jersey to be a national leader in pay equity.
  • Please support bill A3480/S2536 and move it to the state Senate for a vote!
  • Share your personal story about wage discrimination, or share how pay equity protections would help you and your family.

In the fight to bring about equal pay for women and minorities, bills around the country seek to close a loophole that allows for de facto wage discrimination: the practice of employers asking about an applicant’s previous salary. If a woman or minority has been unfairly paid less at a previous job, this salary history can follow a worker throughout their career, resulting in a lifetime of unfairly low wages compared to their male or non-minority counterparts. Working women and minorities deserve better!

California and Massachusetts have already passed laws preventing inquiries into salary history; New Jersey is now up to bat! Bill A3480, which prohibits employer inquiries into salary history, passed in the state Assembly on 5/22/17. The Senate Labor Committee will consider the bill (and its counterpart S2536) tomorrow, June 1st, at 10am. If you want to close the pay gap in New Jersey, call committee chair Fred Madden Jr. today at 856-232-6700!

If you have time, call some of the other members of the committee, especially if you are their constituent! (Not sure who your state senator is? Find out here.):