Want Common Sense Gun Safety? Support a Red Flag Law for NJ

There’s something you can do to help keep guns away from dangerous people — voice your support for Red Flag Laws! Make a phone call or send an email today!

Incredible momentum for change is building in the wake of the tragic school shooting in Parkland, FL. Americans want common sense gun safety policies! Two such bills have been introduced in NJ — A1217 and S795. These Red Flag Laws would enable law enforcement, friends, family and community members to petition a court to seize someone’s weapons when that person is exhibiting the warning signs of being a danger to themselves or others.  Five states currently have Red Flag Laws on the books (CT, WA, OR, IN & CA). Let’s make New Jersey the 6th state!

Bills A1217 and S795 are currently stuck in committees. Call the committee chairs today and urge them to move forward on these bills. Then, call your own state legislators and urge them to become co-sponsors of A1217 or S795.


  • Assembly Law & Public Safety Committee Chair Adam Taliaferro (D-3). (856) 339-0808; (856) 251-9801; AsmTaliaferro@njleg.org
  • Senate Law & Public Safety Committee Chair Linda Greenstein (D-14). (609) 395-9911; SenGreenstein@njleg.org
  • Your 2 Assemblymembers and 1 state Senator. Find out who they are here.

Your talking points:

  • Americans want common sense gun safety legislation, like the Red Flag policies in A1217/S795.
  • Five other states already have such policies, and in Connecticut there is evidence that a Red Flag law has reduced the suicide rate.
  • Red Flag Laws are gaining bipartisan support.
  • Background checks often miss dangerous people. Friends and family don’t miss the warning signs though. Red Flag Laws allow the people who know best — friends and family — to alert and protect their community.
  • Please support this bill by passing it out of committee and onto the floor for a vote/ by becoming a co-sponsor.