Urge your legislators to support the FAIR Act to make auto insurance affordable

Urge your representative to pass A1657 / S111, the FAIR Act (Fairness in Auto Rates), which would prohibit the use of education, occupation, and credit score as rating factors in automobile insurance underwriting.

This bill will help make auto insurance more affordable for good drivers in New Jersey and eliminate unfair discrimination in auto insurance markets that disproportionately impacts people of color.

The Legislature has the opportunity to confront structural racism with the passage of this bill. Auto insurance is a mandatory financial product for all drivers, and many NJ residents cannot make a living without reliable vehicle access. It should not more expensive for African American and Latinx residents of New Jersey.

The bill prohibits auto insurance companies from assigning risks to rating plans based on 1) a consumer’s education level, 2) a consumer’s employment, trade, business, occupation, or profession, and 3) a consumer’s credit score or any information derived from their credit report.

These socioeconomic factors do not reflect consumers’ driving history, but they do serve as proxies for income and race.

The FAIR ACT would end the use of these factors that harm consumers, increase their insurance costs, increase the number of uninsured drivers, and preserve systemic racism. Consumers should be rated based on how they drive, not their socio-economic status or their race.

Urge your rep to support the FAIR Act!