Urge your assemblymembers: Vote YES for requiring presidential candidates to release tax returns!

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UPDATE, May 2, 2017: Gov. Christie vetoed this bill on May 1st. Call your state legislators and tell them to support a veto override for S3048/A4520!

UPDATE, April 10, 2017: A4520 passed in the Assembly! It now goes to the governor’s desk. Thanks to all who called and wrote in support of this bill. Stay tuned for future calls-to-action to pressure Gov. Christie to sign this bill!

New Jersey’s State Senate just passed bill S3048, which would require presidential candidates to release their tax returns before they can appear on New Jersey ballots.The bill now goes to the Assembly. Call your State Assemblymembers today and urge them to vote YES on bill A4520!

Americans need to trust that their President represents the best interests of the people, not shareholders or corporations! Reviewing tax returns is one way to ensure that Presidents and Vice-Presidents do not have such conflicts of interest.

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