Tweet Your Legislators: Demand Caps to NJ Corporate Tax Breaks


The Governor and State Legislature are currently negotiating reforms to our corporate tax subsidy programs. We need to send a strong message that the final reform proposal must include hard annual caps!

Tweet your legislator with this easy online action. Your legislator’s twitter handle will automatically be added to a tweet with our campaign message.

For more than a decade, the New Jersey Economic Development Authority has overseen a corrupt and mismanaged corporate tax subsidy program. The NJ EDA has given billions of dollars in tax breaks to politically connected corporations, some of whom have acted fraudulently. Meanwhile, New Jersey taxpayers pay the price for underfunded public programs and services.

Recently former state Senators Lesniak and Kyrillos submitted a reform proposal to Governor Murphy. Their plan is inadequate. It does not include hard annual caps to corporate tax subsidy programs. It’s imperative we have annual caps to ensure smart budgeting and effective investments that benefit our communities. The experts and economists who testified at the Senate committee hearing last month agree that we need hard caps. Without caps we will continue to see endless handouts to politically connected corporations. Caps are also critical to balancing our state’s budget and ensuring we have funding for proven, more effective economic investments such as job training, education, transportation and other public services.

Tweet your legislators and demand that we cap our corporate tax subsidy programs! Feel free to personalize the tweet we have drafted for you. Note that with Twitter your space is limited.

If you do not have Twitter but would like to still contact your legislator to demand hard annual caps, please call their office! You can find your legislator by clicking here

Thank you for all you do!

Liz Glynn, Director of Organizing, New Jersey Citizen