Turn Your Heartache Into Action for Gun Sense in America

[UPDATE, 10/5/17: Since the writing of this post, 2 common-sense gun safety bills are in the works! Call your members of Congress and urge them to support Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s Automatic Gun Fire Prevention Act and Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman’s Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act. More details below.]

Americans are reeling over the lives lost in Las Vegas. What can we do to stand up for the victims and their families? We’ve got some ideas for you: call,  join, and donate. FIND OUT HOW BELOW.


Call your senators
(202) 224-4744 Sen. Menendez
(202) 224-3224 Sen. Booker
Rep. Norcross (1st)
(856) 427-7000
Rep. LoBiondo (2nd)
(609) 625-5008
Rep. MacArthur (3rd)
(856) 267-5182
(732) 569-6495
Rep. Gottheimer (5th)
(888) 216-5646
Rep. Pallone (6th)
(732) 249-8892
Rep. Lance (7th)
(908) 788-6900
(908) 518-7733
Rep. Payne (10th)
(201) 369-0392
(973) 645-3213
Rep. Frelinghuysen (11th)
(973) 984-0711
Rep. Coleman (12th)
(609) 883-0026



Your talking points:

  • “I want more common sense gun-safety legislation, not less!”
  • “Police officers will be less safe if silencers and armor-piercing bullets are easier to obtain. Vote No on the SHARE Act!”
  • “New Jersey has stringent gun safety laws for a reason — because the people want it! The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act threatens our ability to make sure that gun owners are responsible and not a danger to the public. Vote NO!”
  • “We need oversight for gun AND ammunition purchases in order to protect the public. Support and/or co-sponsor Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman’s Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act!”
  • “The only reason to use a bump stock is to kill more people. It is outrageous that this tool is legal. Bump stocks are a danger to the public, as we have now sadly seen in Las Vegas. We need legislation that protects the American people from bump stocks and automatic weapons. Support and/or co-sponsor Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s Automatic Gunfire Prevention Act!”

(Don’t like making phone calls? No problem–call on a weekend or after hours and leave a voicemail. Or send a letter. You can find the office addresses of your members of Congress on their websites.)


You are not alone in your demand for common sense gun safety laws. Many other Americans who feel the same way have banded together in groups such as Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America and Everytown for Gun Safety. Check out their websites, find a local meeting, and get involved. 


Help support Las Vegas victims and their families by donating to the GoFundMe campaign started by the Clark County Commission Chair and Las Vegas Sheriff. 

Donate money to gun safety organizations like Moms Demand Action and Everytown. This is an important step. The tens of millions of average Americans who want safer gun laws are up against the powerful NRA, which spent more than $50 million on the 2016 election alone!