So, Tom MacArthur says we’re “stubborn.”

Contact Rep. Tom MacArthur (R-3) and let him know just how stubborn you can be when the deportation of innocent people is at stake! Contact our Senators and let them know just how much you want Congress to finally pass a DREAM ACT!

Every day that goes by without passing a new DREAM Act, 122 young people lose their DACA status and become vulnerable to deportation. And this is what Tom MacArthur thinks about members of Congress who are standing up for innocent people: “MacArthur accused Democrats of ‘the height of stubbornness’ if they vote against the [short-term spending] bill because it doesn’t include a solution for ‘dreamers.’

Contact Rep. MacArthur, especially if you are his constituent! (Not sure? You can find out if you’re in New Jersey’s 3rd congressional district here.)

  • by phone: (856) 267-5182, (732) 569-6495, or (202) 225-4765
  • by fax: (856) 574-4697, (732) 998-8137, or (202) 225-0778
  • by mail: 535 East Main Street, Marlton, NJ 08053

Your talking points: 

  • “You bet we’re stubborn, Rep. MacArthur, when we’re trying to prevent the deportation of 800,000 innocent people!”
  • “I’m outraged to see Republicans use funding for our troops and poor children’s healthcare as pawns in a political game. Republicans have put children at risk for months by refusing to renew funding for CHIP. There’s no reason we have to choose between funding CHIP and protecting 800,000 innocent young immigrants!
  • “The president requested a bipartisan ‘bill of love’ to help the Dreamers — and that’s what he was given. But then he turned it down. If there ends up being a government shutdown, it’s no one’s fault but his own.”

Then, make 2 quick calls to our Senators. 

Call your senators
(202) 224-4744 Sen. Menendez
(202) 224-3224 Sen. Booker

  • Tell them to stay strong and support the 800,000 young people who are terrified of being deported from the only country they’ve ever known.
  • Enough is enough — no short-term spending bill without a solution for the Dreamers!

 (Don’t like talking on the phone to staffers? No problem! Call after hours and leave a message.)