They’re BAAAAACK……. So YOU better get back on the phone!

Congress is trying once again to give billions of dollars to the rich by taking it from the rest of us! A vote is likely this week. All of NJ’s House Representatives have come out in opposition to the tax bill except for two. Call Rodney Frelinghuysen and Tom Macarthur and tell them to SAY NO to the GOP tax plan! 


Morristown Office: 973-984-0711;  DC Office: 202-225-5034


Marlton Office: 856-267-5182;  Toms River Office: 732-569-6495;  DC Office: 202-225-4765

(If you’re not a constituent of Frelinghuysen and MacArthur, here’s what you can say when the staffer asks for your address:  “Rep. Frelinghuysen is about to vote on a bill that would affect the entire country. I’m calling to let him know how it will affect my family/my district. I live in [*your town here*] and this tax bill will be bad for my family/my district because…”  )

There are so many reasons to oppose the so-called “Tax Cuts & Jobs Act“: 

Call Frelinghuysen and Macarthur now and tell them to vote NO on this terrible bill!


Do you hate making phone calls? Don’t worry, you can leave a voicemail after hours, or send a letter instead. 

Write to Rep. Frelinghuysen at:

  • 30 Schuyler Place, Second Floor, Morristown, NJ, 07960

Write to Rep. MacArthur at:

  • Toms River Townhall, 33 Washington Street, Toms River, NJ, 08753

Not in NJ? Find out who your House Representative is here, and call them!