Tell state Judiciary Committee: We want common-sense gun safety laws!

UPDATE, April 2018:  Thank you to everyone who made phone calls, sent emails, and attended the hearing! 6 of the 7 bills advanced out of committee, and have passed in the state Assembly. (A1016 was held, and will hopefully be discussed in a future hearing). The six bills now head to the state Senate. They will be considered in the Senate Law and Public Safety Committee on April 16th — contact the committee chair now. Details here. 


This Wednesday morning (2/28), the Assembly Judiciary Committee will discuss 7 gun safety bills. Contact committee chair Annette Quijano (D-20) on Tuesday to voice your support!

Call her at:    (908) 327-9119 , (908) 624-0880   or send email to:

The Parkland shooting, and the many student protests that have followed, continue to inspire momentum for gun safety reform. In response, New Jersey lawmakers will hold a special hearing on Wednesday, February 28th, to discuss 7 gun safety reform bills:

  • A1016. This bill will require gun retailers to sell personalized, or “smart”, handguns. These high-tech guns use key-like items or biometric matching to ensure that only the lawful owner of a gun, or a user authorized by that lawful owner, can actually fire that gun.  This is an important safety feature that can reduce the risk of children getting hold of adults’ guns, or stolen guns being used in shootings. The bill also establishes a Personalized Handgun Authorization Commission.
  • A1181: This bill would establish a protocol for mental health professionals to warn local law enforcement about patients who are a danger to themselves or others. Local police departments would then determine if it is necessary to seize weapons from the patient.
  • A1217This bill would put a “Red Flag Law” on the books in NJ, enabling law enforcement, friends, family, and community members to petition a court to seize someone’s weapons when they are exhibiting warning signs of being a danger to themselves or others. Five other states have enacted Red Flag Laws, and in CT, research suggests such a law has reduced the suicide rate.
  • A2757This bill would require background checks for private gun sales, bringing NJ closer to universal background checks. Experts rate universal background checks as one of the best policies for reducing gun deaths, and a large majority of Americans support them.
  • A2758: This bill turns current regulatory rules for obtaining a concealed carry handgun permit into actual law.
  • A2759This bill prohibits the possession of armor-piercing ammunition. This common-sense policy will protect law enforcement officers.
  • A2761: This bill reduces the maximum capacity of ammunition magazines to 10 rounds. Larger-capacity magazines are often used in mass shootings.


  • I am contacting you because you are the chair of my state Assembly’s Judiciary Committee.
  • Enough is enough! The majority of Americans want commonsense gun safety laws like these!
  • These bills will protect law enforcement, children, and people who are at risk of suicide.
  • Pass these bills out of committee and onto the Assembly floor for a vote!
  • I am urging my state senator and assembly members to support these bills.

After you have contacted Assemblywoman Quijano, get in touch with your state senator and 2 assemblymembers (you can find out who they are here). Urge them to support and co-sponsor these bills!