Urge the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee to hold hearings on FERC

Call the Senate Energy and
Natural Resources Committee

(202) 224-4971 Committee Line
If you can’t get through…

Call the Committee Chair,
Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK)

(202) 224-6665 DC Office
(202) 224-5301 DC Office (fax)
(907) 586-7277 Juneau Office
(907) 586-7201 Juneau Office (fax)

Call the Ranking Member,
Sen. Maria Cantwell(D-WA)

(202) 224-3441 DC Office
(202) 228-0514 DC Office (fax)
(206) 220-6400 Seattle Office
(206) 220-6404 Seattle Office (fax)

UPDATE, April 10, 2017: #FixFERC Call-in Days are over, but the problems at FERC still remain. If you haven’t called the Energy and Natural Resources Committee yet, you can still do so! In addition the Delaware Riverkeeper Network is urging concerned friends of the Delaware River to meet with their Senators during the Senate Recess Week from April 10-21. Learn more here.

THIS WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY: CALL TO FIX FERC, the agency that determines whether pipelines are built in New Jersey!

Call the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee to urge that no new FERC Commissioners are appointed until the Committee holds hearings on possible FERC abuses and FERC reforms! Currently, FERC does not have enough commissioners to approve any new projects. Let’s keep it that way until the public can be sure that FERC is appropriately executing its charge to promote “energy infrastructure that operates safely, reliably and efficiently.”

ACTION: Join Stop the Pipelines, Delaware Riverkeeper Network and Berks Gas Truth for Call-In Days on March 22 and 23, then again on April 5 and 6.

Feeling nervous about calling a senator who is not your own? Say this:

“Hi, I’d like to leave a message for the Senator. She is the chair/ranking member of my Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. I couldn’t get thru to the Committee office. I want to urge the committee to……”

Talking points for calls or letters (remember customized letters are MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE than form letters!!):

  • FERC seems to be a rubber-stamp for the energy industry, approving a large majority of pipeline proposals
  • there is a close relationship between FERC and the energy industry, with commissioners coming from and moving on to energy industry employment
  • FERC’s process for landowners and citizens to register their opposition to a project has been described by many people as too complicated and unfair
  • FERC has a history of allowing pipeline construction to continue even before completing a review of public requests for a rehearing or appeal–in one case denying an appeal 12 days after construction was completed on a pipeline! These are possible due process violations.
  • FERC’s mission should be altered to include reducing reliance on greenhouse gases and transferring to renewable energy sources

About FERC’s current mission and goals

About FERC, rubber-stamping, and possible due process violations

About the groups organizing FERC Call-in Days