Support the Build Back Better Act

Last week, the House of Representatives passed the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, sending it to the President’s desk, while the Build Back Better Act – the hallmark of Joe Biden’s agenda and a crucial lifeline for working families across the country – remains to be voted on thanks to delay tactics by moderate Democrats including NJ’s own Josh Gottheimer.

This places many of the bill’s hugely impactful and badly needed reforms in a state of uncertainty, and gives opponents time to further water down the bill or go back on their promises to support crucial reforms for working families.

Meanwhile, special corporate interests like the pharmaceutical industry continue their public onslaught of false claims and deceptive advertisements to further water down the package. The reconciliation package would ensure no child will have to go without healthcare and that all Americans have access to paid leave and affordable childcare, but not if powerful corporations further weaken or even kill the bill

This fight isn’t over. Thank you for everything you have done so far. We’re asking you once more to make your voice heard and help get this historic piece of legislation across the finish line

Call, email, and tweet at your Members of Congress to support the full Build Back Better package, and to hold strong in the face of corporate propaganda

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