Stop Sexual Assaults on Trenton School Buses — Give bill A4332 a hearing!

Momentum is building since our last call-to-action on this topic. Assemblywoman Liz Muoio has made a formal request for the bill to get a hearing in the Education Committee. Contact committee Chair Marlene Caride to say you want this bill to get a hearing so it can move out of committee and onto a vote in the Assembly!

To contact Assemb. Marlene Caride, call 201-943-0615, fax 201-943-0984, or email   

Multiple special needs children have been assaulted on Trenton school buses in the past 8 months! These outrageous incidents have coincided with the district’s switch to using large 52-seat buses to transport special needs students, who in the past were taken to and from school in smaller buses supervised by 1 bus aide. Under current conditions, however, 1 bus aide on such a large bus is dangerous.

A bill currently in the state legislature would help protect New Jersey’s children by requiring 1 bus aide for every 15 special needs students on a school bus. The Special Parent Advocacy Network (SPAG) is recommending calls, emails and letters to support the bill, S2757/A4332, sponsored by Senators Shirley Turner (D-15) and Teresa Ruiz (D-29) and Assemblymembers Liz Muoio (D-15), Daniel Benson (D-14) and Valerie Vainieri Huttle (D-37).

This bill was introduced after the first assault occurred in 2016. It has been stuck in committee since then, and while lawmakers dragged their heels, a 4-year old was physically assaulted in December, and another student was sexually assaulted at the end of March!
Special needs kids need your help — call the chair of the Assembly Education Committee (Assemb. Marlene Caride, D-36). Remind her of what has happened while the bill has languished in committee. Ask her to get this bill heard in committee and onto the legislature floor for a vote as soon as possible, before another child is assaulted on a school bus.