Sexual Assaults on Trenton School Buses?! Special needs students MUST have more bus aides NOW!

Let’s get bill S2757/A4332 out of committee and into law! Contact New Jersey state committee chairs and tell them to move forward and get this bill heard in committee! Scroll down for contact information.

Multiple special needs children have been assaulted on Trenton school buses in the past 8 months! These outrageous incidents have coincided with the district’s switch to using large 52-seat buses to transport special needs students, who in the past were taken to and from school in smaller buses supervised by 1 bus aide. Under current conditions, however, 1 bus aide on such a large bus is dangerous.

A bill currently in the state legislature would help protect New Jersey’s children by requiring 1 bus aide for every 15 special needs students on a school bus. The Special Parent Advocacy Network (SPAG) is recommending calls, emails and letters to support the bill, S2757/A4332, sponsored by Senators Shirley Turner (D-15) and Teresa Ruiz (D-29) and Assemblymembers Liz Muoio (D-15), Daniel Benson (D-14) and Valerie Vainieri Huttle (D-37).

This bill was introduced after the first assault occurred in 2016. It has been stuck in committee since then, and while lawmakers dragged their heels, a 4-year old was physically assaulted in December, and another student was sexually assaulted at the end of March!
Special needs kids need your help — call the chair of the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee (Sen. Paul Sarlo, D-36) and the chair of the Assembly Education Committee (Assemb. Marlene Caride, D-36). Remind them of what has happened while the bill has languished in their committee. Tell them to get this bill heard in committee and onto the legislature floor for a vote. Urge them to move forward on this bill as soon as possible, before another child is assaulted on a school bus.
Call the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee

(201) 804-8118 Sen. Paul Sarlo, chair (D-36)

Call the Assembly Education Committee

(201) 943-0615 Assemb. Marlene Caride, chair (D-36)

Call sponsors about S2757

(609) 323-7239 Sen. Shirley Turner (D-15)
(973) 484-1000 Sen. Teresa Ruiz (D-29)

Call sponsors about A4332

(609) 571-9638 Assemb. Liz Muoio (D-15)
(609) 631-0198 Assemb. Daniel Benson (D-14)
(201) 541-1118 Assemb. Valerie Vainieri Huttle (D-37)