Protections for NJ Homeowners & Renters

*Bill A4226 passed the Assembly Housing Committee today and can now advance to the Assembly floor.

We’re headed to devastating mass evictions unless the NJ Legislature and Governor work together to pass this critical piece of legislation. The emergency rental assistance program is going to run out of funds and won’t be able to help the thousands of people who need it. We need legislative action!

Please TAKE ACTION! Call and email your legislators, Speaker Coughlin, and Senate President Sweeney.

Speaker Coughlin (732) 855-7441
Senate President Sweeney (856) 251-9801

Ask your elected representatives to act fast to pass strong legislation before the end of the month and provide strong protections before July’s rent and mortgage payments become due.

The current bill that best does this is A4226, introduced by Asw. Britnee Timberlake and it can be found here:

Protections for NJ Homeowners & Renters Should Include:

1. Many New Jerseyans will need affordable repayment plans if they cannot afford to pay rent because of the pandemic. People can’t afford to repay all back rent the minute the emergency ends or face eviction – people need to be able to repay in small increments over the next few years, and there needs to be a cap for each month based on how much we can afford. This should cover all renters in the state. No exceptions.

2. Make Mortgage Forbearance Mandatory and Universal: Because every mortgage holder is different, and treats their customers differently, we have to legislate a standard that will help all New Jerseyans and not depend on the bank to do the right thing.

3. Protect Consumers: There should be no negative credit reporting for having missed rent or mortgage payments during the crisis.