Family Planning Vote Tomorrow — Contact Your Assemblymembers TODAY!

UPDATE: The attempt to override the governor’s veto failed. Stay tuned for next steps….   ——————————————————————————————————————————- The NJ Assembly votes tomorrow (6/29) after 12pm to restore family planning funds in the state budget. Make sure your 2 Assembly… Read More

Your Phone Calls Are Needed THIS WEEK to Protect Healthcare for Millions of Americans!

UPDATE, 7/24/17: Our fight isn’t over yet! This Tuesday, the Senate is likely to vote on whether to start debating the ACA repeal. This would eventually lead to a floor vote.  IT’S ESSENTIAL THAT WE MAKE CALLS NOW… Read More

State Senate Votes Tomorrow at 2 pm — Tell Your Senator to Vote YES for Pay Equity and Transgender Rights!

[UPDATE, 7/23/17: The transgender health care discrimination bill (A4568/S3017) passed in both houses and has now been signed into law! Unfortunately, though the salary history bill passed in both houses, it has now been vetoed by Gov. Christie. What… Read More

TODAY: Tell Our Senators to Fight the AHCA — Join Dems on the Senate Floor Tonight!

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who made phone calls! Sen. Booker joined the late-night session of speeches against repealing the ACA, and also participated a week later in a rally on the Capitol steps during another midnight session… Read More

We Can Protect Transgender Students at the State Level — Tell Your State Senator to Vote Yes on S3067

[UPDATE, 7/22/2017: Bill 3067 has now passed in both houses and has been signed into law! Thank you to everyone who made calls and sent emails!] ——————————————————————————————————————————————- The State Senate will vote Monday afternoon, 6/19/17, on a bill that… Read More

How Can We Stop Sexual Assault on Trenton Schoolbuses? By Getting A4332 Through the Appropriations Committee!

[UPDATE, 7/24/17: This bill is still stuck in committee. Stay tuned for next steps.] ———————————————————————————————————————————————————- Bill A4332/S2757 will ensure that our children are protected by 1 schoolbus aide for every 15 students. Help get this bill out of… Read More

One Simple Thing You Can Do This Weekend to End Racial Disparity in NJ’s Criminal Justice System

[UPDATE, 7/24/17: This bill is still stuck in committee. Stay tuned for next steps.] —————————————————————————————————————————— Next Monday at 10 am, the state Senate Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing on bill S3195, which would legalize marijuana for adults…. Read More

Join with 4 Million Americans to Protect our Democracy — Call Your House Rep Today!

Join Public Citizen’s National Call-In Day today, June 13th — Call your House representative and urge them to sign the discharge petition to bring the Protecting Our Democracy Act (HR 356) to the House floor for a vote!… Read More

Tell Gov. Christie to Sign this Civil Rights Bill — S677/A3677!

[UPDATE, 7/24/17: Thank you to everyone who contacted the governor! Gov. Christie approved this bill with slight changes (a process known as a conditional veto). The revised bill is approved by ACLU-NJ and the Drug Policy Alliance. Now the bill… Read More

Make the Pride March Count — Give Visas to Chechnyan LGBTQ Refugees

As thousands of people get ready to walk in Pride Marches in the coming weeks, news reports indicate that the State Department is refusing to grant visas to LGBTQ people fleeing torture and detainment in Chechnya and Russia…. Read More