Urge your legislators to support the FAIR Act to make auto insurance affordable

Urge your representative to pass A1657 / S111, the FAIR Act (Fairness in Auto Rates), which would prohibit the use of education, occupation, and credit score as rating factors in automobile insurance underwriting. This bill will help make… Read More

Support Affordable Health Care : NMAPPP Act

  As of today, nearly 15 million people across the country have had a confirmed case of COVID-19 and the number continues to climb daily. Many who have contracted the virus have needed medical care, with hundreds of thousands ending… Read More

Don’t let Horizon Take our Money and Run

New Jersey’s largest non-profit health insurer, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield, has amassed an estimated $7 billion (over three times the size of the NJ Department of Health’s whole budget for 2020) in a reserve fund that belongs… Read More

VOTE NO ON Question 3


Take Action Now! Prevent Evictions and Foreclosures!

**The NJ Legislature needs to TAKE URGENT ACTION to prevent mass evictions and foreclosures!** The Assembly Housing Committee voted and passed A4226, which was combined with A4034. This bill will help thousands of people across NJ stay in… Read More

Support a NJ Reparations Task Force.

The NJ Legislature has introduced a bill to form a Reparations Task Force. ACT NOW to urge your state legislators to pass, and Gov. Murphy to sign into law, this bill (S322/A711) to make sweeping policy recommendations that… Read More

Consumer Protection from Debt

The NJ Legislature has caved to the billion dollar debt collection industry and gutted consumer protection bill A3908/S2330. NJ residents desperately need relief from debt collectors during the COVID-19 pandemic. Take Action: https://p2a.co/taC74HX **This bill has currently been stalled… Read More

Immigrant Relief

Sen. Ruiz and Sen Scutari introduced legislation S2480 to create a $35 million fund to make one time stimulus like payments to ITIN filers in NJ. In the Assembly, Asw Quijano, Asm Mukherji, and Asw Lopez introduced the… Read More

Expanded Sick Days

Take Action: https://p2a.co/b5cBmOj Ask your legislators to sign on as cosponsors and support S2453/A4209 which would strengthen and expand our Earned Sick Leave Law. In a nutshell, our re-opening is going to fail unless workers can be guaranteed PAID sick leave… Read More

Protections for NJ Homeowners & Renters

*Bill A4226 passed the Assembly Housing Committee today and can now advance to the Assembly floor. We’re headed to devastating mass evictions unless the NJ Legislature and Governor work together to pass this critical piece of legislation. The… Read More