Tell Congress: Protect mental health care!

One in five Americans experiences a mental health condition, but only half get needed treatment. Coverage for mental health care helps people get treatment when they need it, helping them to stay in school, on the job and… Read More

Protect Our NJ Transgender Students: 5 Step Call to Action

This is a 5 Step Call to Action!  Write your Superintendent. Contact your school board. Write Acting Commission of Education, Kimberley Harrington. Contact your Assembly person. Trump’s education and justice departments reversed the Obama administration’s position that schools… Read More

Demand that Senator Menendez co-sponsor the Presidential Conflict of Interests Act

Call Senator Menendez at any of his offices today and tell him to co-sponsor the Presidential Conflict of Interests Act with Senator Booker. Script: SEN. MENENDEZ, PLEASE JOIN CORY BOOKER AND 23 OTHER SENATORS IN CO-SPONSORING THE PRESIDENTIAL… Read More

Urge your senators: VOTE NO AGAINST S 446

We need all hands on deck starting now!!! The new Concealed Carry Reciprocity bill was introduced by Sen John Cornyn (R-TX) last night and co-sponsored by Rep. Tom MacArthur from right here in NJ-3! Every state has different… Read More

Demand a Special Select Committee on #TrumpRussia

Urge your members of Congress to publicly support an independent special select committee to investigate Russian subversion of the U.S. election and President Trump’s ties to Moscow. Here’s what we know: National Security Adviser Michael Flynn had conversations… Read More

DO NOW: Call These Congressional Committees to Demand Investigations into White House Connections with Russia!

URGENT CALL TO ACTION Call the majority comment line for the House Intelligence Committee and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee NOW. The minority (Democrat) members of the Committee have been QUIETLY investigating the connections between DJT and the… Read More

Demand protection of the EPA!

Are you worried about climate change? Do you want to protect our water, air and soil? PAY ATTENTION: HR 861 seeks “TO TERMINATE THE ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY” and is currently in 4 committees in the House! New Jersey… Read More

Tell Governor Christie that you oppose the Muslim Ban!

Call the Governor’s office, where they are taking a tally to be reported to the Governor at the end of each day. #MuslimBan

URGENT: DEMAND legislation to override Trump’s executive order! END THE BAN ON TRAVELERS AND REFUGEES!

DEMAND legislation that would override Trump’s executive order and end the ban on travelers and refugees from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen!

Demand that your NJ State Senator Support a Veto Override for Equal Pay for Equal Work

Demand that your NJ State Senator support a veto override for equal pay for equal work!