Sexual Assaults on Trenton School Buses?! Special needs students MUST have more bus aides NOW!

Let’s get bill S2757/A4332 out of committee and into law! Contact New Jersey state committee chairs and tell them to move forward and get this bill heard in committee! Scroll down for contact information. Multiple special needs children have… Read More

Keep ICE out of NJ’s schools, hospitals, and courthouses! Tell the Law & Public Safety Committee to Move Forward on A4611

Help ensure that New Jersey’s immigrants feel safe going to school, making a doctor’s appointment or testifying as a witness to a crime — tell the State Assembly and bill-sponsor John Wisniewski (D-19): “Move Forward on bill A… Read More

URGENT: Easy Email Action for NJ’s Waterways by midnight tonight (April 3rd)!

Update, April 10, 2017: The deadline has now passed to submit public comments to the DEP. Stay tuned for more info on what actions the DEP takes regarding green infrastructure practices. In the meantime, consider calling your state… Read More


On Friday, we called our state representatives and asked them to bring online privacy laws to NJ. On Saturday, state Senate majority leader Loretta Weinberg (D-37) announced she will introduce legislation requiring internet service providers to obtain consent… Read More

We’ve Lost Clean Power At The Federal Level–So Let’s Work For It At The State Level

Update, 5/27/17: This bill has now passed in both the state Assembly and Senate. Thanks to everyone who made phone calls! Now it’s on to the Governor’s desk. Stay tuned…. Let’s get New Jersey to join the Regional… Read More

Bring Online Privacy to NJ — Call Your Three State Reps!

Contact your NJ state senator and assemblymembers–ask them to introduce legislation requiring internet service providers (ISP) in New Jersey to obtain your consent before selling or sharing your online data (such as your browsing history and location). A… Read More

Urge Law & Public Safety Committee to Move on S2615!

KEEP GUNS AWAY FROM DANGEROUS PEOPLE–CALL SEN. LINDA GREENSTEIN AND URGE LAW & PUBLIC SAFETY COMMITTEE TO MOVE ON S2615! Though the US Congress has been chipping away at gun safety regulations, our NJ state lawmakers have been… Read More

Tell your assemblymembers: vote YES on transgender support bills

UPDATE, July 22, 2017: Bills A4567/S3067 & A4568 passed in both houses of the state legislature and were signed into law by the governer on July 21! Thank you to everyone who made phone calls and wrote emails!… Read More

Urge the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee to hold hearings on FERC

UPDATE, April 10, 2017: #FixFERC Call-in Days are over, but the problems at FERC still remain. If you haven’t called the Energy and Natural Resources Committee yet, you can still do so! In addition the Delaware Riverkeeper Network… Read More

Urge your assemblymembers: Vote YES for requiring presidential candidates to release tax returns!

UPDATE, May 2, 2017: Gov. Christie vetoed this bill on May 1st. Call your state legislators and tell them to support a veto override for S3048/A4520! UPDATE, April 10, 2017: A4520 passed in the Assembly! It now goes to… Read More