DO NOW: Call These Congressional Committees to Demand Investigations into White House Connections with Russia!

URGENT CALL TO ACTION Call the majority comment line for the House Intelligence Committee and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee NOW. The minority (Democrat) members of the Committee have been QUIETLY investigating the connections between DJT and the… Read More

Demand protection of the EPA!

Are you worried about climate change? Do you want to protect our water, air and soil? PAY ATTENTION: HR 861 seeks “TO TERMINATE THE ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY” and is currently in 4 committees in the House! New Jersey… Read More

Tell Governor Christie that you oppose the Muslim Ban!

Call the Governor’s office, where they are taking a tally to be reported to the Governor at the end of each day. #MuslimBan

URGENT: DEMAND legislation to override Trump’s executive order! END THE BAN ON TRAVELERS AND REFUGEES!

DEMAND legislation that would override Trump’s executive order and end the ban on travelers and refugees from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen!

Demand that your NJ State Senator Support a Veto Override for Equal Pay for Equal Work

Demand that your NJ State Senator support a veto override for equal pay for equal work!

Oppose the Repeal of ACA-Massive phone and Twitter action!

Make America Sick Again!

Do your part during the nationwide campaign to oppose the repeal of the ACA!