So, Tom MacArthur says we’re “stubborn.”

Contact Rep. Tom MacArthur (R-3) and let him know just how stubborn you can be when the deportation of innocent people is at stake! Contact our Senators and let them know just how much you want Congress to… Read More

“This is the free speech fight of our generation” — Here’s how you can help save net neutrality

We have two weeks to save the internet. Contact the FCC Commissioners and your representatives today. Then mark your calendars for nationwide protests on December 7th. Keep reading for more info! On December 14th, the FCC will vote… Read More

Stop the GOP Tax Cuts — Your #KillTheBill To-Do List

The Senate is poised to move forward this week with their version of the terrible tax cut bill. We need everyone to help #KillTheBill.¬†Want to see a straightforward list of actions you can take? Then keep reading, and… Read More

They’re BAAAAACK……. So YOU better get back on the phone!

Congress is trying once again to give billions of dollars to the rich by taking it from the rest of us! A vote is likely this week. All of NJ’s House Representatives have come out in opposition to… Read More

Call your Republican House Rep TODAY — Say NO to the GOP budget!

The House is expected to vote today on the budget plan passed by the Senate last week. This budget plan is the first step towards extreme tax cuts for the wealthy. Call your House representative today and urge… Read More

Do You Care about Medicare? The Battle Has Begun — Start your calls today!

The Senate votes tomorrow on its version of the 2018 budget. It’s time to call your senators — Tell them to protect Medicare and other safety net programs that would be cut under this budget! (Not in NJ?… Read More

Say No to Social Media Surveillance of Immigrants — Leave a public comment by 10/18

The Department of Homeland Security wants to monitor immigrants on social media. We need your voice to say “NO.” Leave a public comment by 11:59pm on Wednesday, October 18th.   DHS announced last month its intention to monitor… Read More

Turn Your Heartache Into Action for Gun Sense in America

[UPDATE, 10/5/17: Since the writing of this post, 2 common-sense gun safety bills are in the works! Call your members of Congress and urge them to support Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s Automatic Gun Fire Prevention Act and Rep. Bonnie… Read More

What You Can Do to Help Puerto Rico & the Virgin Islands

UPDATE, 9/30/17: Thank you everyone who has made calls and donated. The Jones Act was been waived for a temporary period of 10 days. But Puerto Rico needs more time. Keep calling to demand that the Jones Act… Read More

NJ’s Voting Machines At Risk — Help #SecureTheVote Today

New Jersey’s voting machines are some of the most vulnerable to hacking in the country! We need to change this NOW. Contact NJ’s Secretary of State Tahesha Way and share your support for voting with paper ballots and… Read More