“This is not a drill.” Defending Democracy, Step 1.

You need to do something EVERY DAY this week to help bring about an independent investigation into Trump’s possible ties with Russia. Feeling overwhelmed? We’ll take you step-by-step thru the week, with specific advice for people here in New Jersey.

Researchers who study how democracies turn into authoritarian regimes are alarmed after the president last week fired the FBI director who was heading the investigation into the Trump campaign’s possible ties with Russia. According to scholar Erika Chenoweth, “This is not a drill.” 

Here’s what you’re going to do today.

If you have a Republican representative in the House, your primary goal should be to get them to come out in support of an independent commission.  Contact them today by phone or letter. Your talking points (try to use your own words if you can; it’s a lot more effective):

Call your representative
(856) 427-7000 Rep. Norcross (1st)
(609) 625-5008 Rep. LoBiondo (2nd)
(732) 569-6495 Rep. MacArthur (3rd)
(732) 780-3035 Rep. Smith (4th)
(888) 216-5646 Rep. Gottheimer (5th)
(732) 249-8892 Rep. Pallone (6th)
(908) 788-6900 Rep. Lance (7th)
(908) 820-0692 Rep. Sires (8th)
(201) 935-2248 Rep. Pascrell (9th)
(201) 369-0392 Rep. Payne (10th)
(973) 984-0711 Rep. Frelinghuysen (11th)
(609) 883-0026 Rep. Coleman (12th)

Not in NJ?
Call to be directly connected to your rep
(202) 224-3121

If you have a Democratic representative in the House, contact one, some or all of these congressional Republicans who have called for some kind of independent investigation into the Trump-Russia scandal. You can make a phone call, send a fax, or write a letter. (Nervous about calling? Make your phone call after hours and leave a voicemail.) Your talking points (try to use your own words if you can; it’s more effective):

  • I want to thank the congressperson for calling for an independent investigation.
  • I want to thank them for their patriotism in seeking to defend our country against Russia’s meddling in our government.
  • I want to urge the congressperson to do everything they can to convince more Republicans to call for an independent investigation.

Rep. Justin Amash (MI). phone: 202-225-3831, 616-451-8383; fax: 202-225-5144, 616-454-5630. Or write to: 110 Michigan Street NW, Suite 460, Grand Rapids, MI 49503.

Rep. Mike Coffman (CO). phone: 202-225-7882, 720-748-7514; fax: 202-226-4623, 720-748-7680. Or write to: 3300 S. Parker Road, Cherry Creek Place IV, Suite #305, Aurora, CO 80014.

Rep. Barbara Comstock (VA). phone: 202-225-5136, 703-404-6903; fax: 202-225-0437; 703-404-6906. Or write to: 21430 Cedar Drive, Suite 218, Sterling, VA 20164.

Rep. Carlos Curbelo (FL). phone: 202-225-2778; 305-222-0160. Or write to: 12851 SW 42nd Street, Suite 131, Miami, FL 33175.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (SC). phone: 202-224-5972, 803-933-0112; fax: 202-224-3808, 803-933-0957. Or write to: 508 Hampton Street, Suite 202, Columbia, SC 29201.

Rep. Darrell Issa (CA). phone: 202-225-3906, 760-599-5000; fax: 202-225-3303, 760-599-1178. Or write to: 1800 Thibodo Road #310, Vista, CA 92081.

Rep. Walter Jones (NC). phone: 202-225-3415, 252-931-1003; fax: 252-931-1002. Or write to: 1105-C Corporate Drive, Greenville, NC 27858.

Sen. John McCain (AZ). phone: 202-224-2235, 602-952-2410; fax: 202-228-2862, 855-952-8702. Or write to: 2201 E. Camelback Road, Suite 115, Phoenix, AZ 85016.

Rep. Tom McClintock (CA). phone: 202-225-2511, 916-786-5560; fax: 202-225-5444, 916-786-6364. Or write to: 2200A Douglas Blvd., Roseville, CA 95661.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (AK). phone: 202-224-6665, 907-271-3735.; fax: 202-224-5301, 877-857-0322. Or write to: 510 L Street, Suite 600, Anchorage, AK, 99501.

Rep. Erik Paulsen (MN). phone: 202-225-2871, 952-405-8510; fax: 202-225-6351, 952-405-8514. Or write to: 250 Prairie Center Drive, Suite 230, Eden Prairie, MN 55344.

Stay tuned for Step 2, tomorrow!