NJ’s Voting Machines at Risk – Contact NJ Sec of State Today!

Our state uses voting machines that leave no paper trail and are at risk of being hacked in the upcoming mid-term elections. Contact NJ’s Secretary of State Tahesha Way and tell her we need new machines with a paper trail, optical scanners, and post-election audits ASAP!

NJ’s voting machines are at risk. We are one of only 5 states who rely completely on paperless electronic voting machines — and they are easily hackableExperts are warning that the risk of Russians hacking into voting systems during the mid-term election cycle is high. NJ needs to do something now!!!

A bill (A1889/S560) was introduced in the legislature last year, but it is still stuck in committee. Grassroots activists are now trying to convince the NJ Secretary of State of the urgency of the situation. Add your voice! Contact Sec. Tahesha Way at  feedback@sos.nj.gov    or:

Sec. of State Tahesha Way
NJ Dept of State
PO Box 300
Trenton, NJ 08625
Your talking points:
  • Our voting machines are at risk of being hacked!
  • We need to act now — the mid-term elections are only months away.
  • New Jersey needs a new voting system that leaves a paper trail, uses optical scanners, and requires post-election auditing!