Make the Tax March Count — Tell Gov. Christie to Sign That Bill!!

UPDATE, 5/2/2017: Gov. Christie vetoed this bill on May 1st. Call your state legislators and tell them to support a veto override on S3048/A4520!  Find your legislators’ and their contact info here.

Gov. Christie, SIGN S3048/A4520 INTO LAW!

Call Governor Christie
(609) 292-6000
(609) 777-2500

Tomorrow, Saturday 15th, thousands of people around the U.S. and in four other countries will march to demand that President Trump release his tax returns. Let’s make the Tax March count by taking one more action–contact Gov. Christie to demand that he sign the presidential tax return bill (S3048/A4520) passed by the NJ State Legislature in March.  The bill has been waiting on his desk since then! You can take this action, even if you are unable to march on Saturday. You can contact him today, the day of the march, or any other day that is convenient for you — everyone can find a way to participate in the movement for fair, transparent government.

Call the governor’s office at the number above, or send him an email, or send a letter or postcard to Office of the Governor, P.O. Box 001, Trenton, NJ 08625.

To learn more about nearby Tax Marches and simple actions you can take to increase the March’s impact, check out our recent blogpost.