Lame Duck session bills to watch- and lobby your reps with calls, texts, e-mails

You can find out if your Assemblypersons and State Senators are sponsors or co-sponsors to the following important lame duck bills by checking this NJ Legislature site:

These are bills to check on:

A4819/S2252 – Establishes goals, initiatives, and programs to encourage and support use of plug-in electric vehicles.  

2. A 5802/S4103 – This funds Planned Parenthood for family planning services (not abortion), making up for some of the money lost when the Trump administration instituted the gag rule, and Planned Parenthood would not agree to abide by this medically unethical rule.  

3. A5823/S4260 – returns the right to vote to people on parole or probation.  Currently, there are 19 states that allow parolees and probationers to vote, but we are still among states like North Carolina and Oklahoma that do not.  The Assembly has voted this out of committee and onto the floor.