Help Stop the Williams Transco Gas Pipeline & Compressor Station! Take action by 4/27 at 5pm

New Jersey residents are fighting to keep out a proposed pipeline that would go underneath the Raritan Bay and a proposed gas compressor station that would be built next to homes and an active quarry in Franklin Township. Spare ten minutes and help them by registering with FERC to be an intervenor in opposition to Williams/Transco’s proposed NESE Pipeline and Gas Compressor Station. You must register as an intervenor by Thursday, April 27th at 5pm.

Find detailed instructions on how to register as an intervenor here or here.

Organizations and residents of New Jersey are coming out in opposition to the proposed pipeline and compressor station. The pipeline route would extend for 23 miles into the Raritan Bay, and threaten coastal and marine life, recreational activities and commercial fishing in the Bay, according to NY/NJ Baykeeper.

The proposed location of the gas compressor station is equally concerning: the site lies in the center of a residential area in South Brunswick and Franklin Park, near schools, places of worship and more than 800 homes. A gas compressor station will impact nearby residents and schoolchildren in many ways: increased noise and odor; increased risk of nasal, throat and eye irritation, nausea, bronchitis, sinus problems, fatigue, muscle aches, headaches, dizziness, depression and anxiety; increased risk of fires, explosions and serious injuries from gas leaks and ruptures. Incredibly, the site is just half a mile away from the Trap Rock Quarry, where active dynamite blasting occurs several times a week.

Help NY/NJ Baykeeper, the Franklin Township Task Force, Residents Against Compressor Station 206, Rethink Energy NJ, New Jersey Food and Water Watch, Central Jersey Safe Energy Coalition, and other groups of New Jerseyans in their battle to prevent the construction of the NESE Pipeline and Compressor Station 206 — register with FERC to be an intervenor and submit a letter explaining your objections to the proposed projects. It takes about 10 minutes. You don’t have to be a resident of Franklin Township to be an intervenor; anyone concerned about the negative effect of gas pipelines and compressor stations on New Jersey’s neighborhoods, waterways and recreational areas can sign up. Once you are an intervenor, FERC is required to respond to your comment, and your objections become part of the legal record. If you miss the deadline, FERC does not have to consider and respond to your objections. The more people register as intervenors, the better. Let’s show FERC just how much New Jerseyans oppose these projects!

Find detailed instructions for registering as an intervenor with FERC, as well as suggestions for writing comments, here and here.