Driver’s Licenses for ALL

ACLU of New Jersey
A few weeks ago, hundreds of community members, advocates, faith leaders and allies rallied outside the Statehouse in Trenton to call on our elected officials to expand access to driver’s licenses for all New Jerseyans regardless of income, age, gender identity or immigration status.

With the Legislature back after the Thanksgiving break and committee hearings scheduled for December 9 and 12, we’re one step closer to making this a reality!

Send a message to your legislators to expand access to driver’s licenses for all qualified drivers, regardless of immigration status, by passing A4743/S3229.

Expanding access to driver’s licenses strengthens public safety and the safety of our roads. It bolsters our economy and uplifts the well-being of all families.

This legislation would:

  • Benefit over 700,000 New Jersey residents, including seniors, survivors of domestic violence, members of the LGBTQ community, and immigrant communities, among many others, by allowing equal access to state ID cards and driver’s licenses.
  • Strengthen road safety by increasing the number of tested, insured, and licensed drivers and strengthen public safety by fostering greater trust between communities and police.
  • Generate millions of dollars in revenue toward important state programs.

You can call the ACLU of New Jersey’s constituent connector line at 1-855- 929-2285 to tell your lawmaker: support A4743/S3229.

With the hearings on December 9 and December 12 fast approaching, New Jersey has the opportunity to become the 15th state to expand driver’s license access to all qualified drivers. Now is the moment to pass this commonsense legislation to benefit all of our state’s communities. We can’t miss this opportunity. Contact your lawmaker and tell them: driver’s licenses for all now.