Demand that your NJ State Senator Support a Veto Override for Equal Pay for Equal Work

Jersey reps won’t back equal pay!

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Flood your Jersey reps with calls! #MaketheMarchKeeponCounting and demand that your NJ State Senator support a veto override for equal pay for equal work!

Yesterday, only two Republican state senators voted to override Gov. Christie’s veto of a pay equity measure that passed with wide margins and bipartisan support in both the state Senate and Assembly last May. Four Republican senators who voted for the equal pay measure last year VOTED NO YESTERDAY!

Just two days after tens of thousand of NJ residents attended Women’s Marches around the state and region, we cannot let this failed override go unnoticed! Pick up the phone say to your state Senator “I want NJ to have the strongest pay-equity laws in the nation. VOTE YES ON AN OVERRIDE.”

Dates: 1/24-1/28

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