DO NOW: Call These Congressional Committees to Demand Investigations into White House Connections with Russia!


Call to demand investigations
(202) 225-4121 Majority House Intel line
(202) 224-4651 Senate Foreign Relations Committee
Alternate numbers
(202) 225-2523 Devin Nunes, Chair of HIC
(202) 225-3404 Devin Nunes, fax
(202) 225-1991 Majority House Intel fax
Call the majority comment line for the House Intelligence Committee and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee NOW.

The minority (Democrat) members of the Committee have been QUIETLY investigating the connections between DJT and the Russians for the last month, ever since the Sally Yates notification and her subsequent firing.

The firing of Yates is being compared to Archibald Cox’s firing during the Nixon years. We’ve heard “There are more similarities here than you might realize.”

We have been URGED, SEVERAL TIMES, to have everyone call the House Intelligence Committee Majority (Republican) comment line to tell Nunes and the Republicans

  1. that you are outraged at Nunes’ statement of support of Mike Flynn (see below)
  2. to open a formal investigation into Russia’s influence over Trump et. al.

They have been picking up on the first ring. If they are not picking up, try calling Nunes directly: “Rep. Nunes is the chair of my House Intelligence Committee. I wasn’t able to get through to the Committee office phone number. I live in NJ.”

GO TO IT! Circulate this far and wide, please.


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