Consumer Protection from Debt

The NJ Legislature has caved to the billion dollar debt collection industry and gutted consumer protection bill A3908/S2330. NJ residents desperately need relief from debt collectors during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Take Action:

**This bill has currently been stalled several times and we keep pushing back on the legislature to fix the bill. We currently oppose this bill unless the legislature fixes it.

Help us advocate for the following consumer protections to be put back into the bill:

  • Temporarily suspend debt collection

  • Temporarily suspend court filings related to debt collection

  • Protect credit from negative reporting for debt incurred during the crisis

  • Strengthen health insurance coverage of COVID-19 related illnesses

More than a million people have applied for unemployment in NJ, small businesses are in danger of never re-opening, thousands of people have new medical bills, and many NJ residents are struggling to cover their basic living expenses.

Our NJ Legislators need to stand up to the debt collection industry and enact practical and compassionate policies that pause debt collection and protect consumer credit during the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, the NJ Legislature is ignoring the grim facts and putting people in a vulnerable, financially insecure position in uncertain times as we battle a global pandemic.