Come to the State House on Thursday Dec 12 to call for Voting Rights Restoration


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Dear Institute friend,

One step closer! That’s what we’re about to become on our way to a more inclusive democracy in New Jersey.

The NJ State Assembly has already passed a bill to restore voting rights to 83,000 people in New Jersey who are on parole and probation.

That includes the Institute’s Ron Pierce – a husband, veteran, and college graduate who hasn’t been able to vote in over 30 years.

Now it’s on to the Senate.


On Thursday, December 12, at 10 am, the Community & Urban Affairs Committee will vote on S4260. We’ve heard from elected officials that having support in the room will make a big difference.

So please JOIN US to let legislators know this matters to you, and to get this bill out of Committee so that it can move on to the full Senate floor for a vote – and then Governor Murphy’s desk for signature – before this legislative session ends.

In the meantime, make sure to TAKE ACTION HERE or by clicking below to urge legislators to pass this bill.